Established in 1982.

International Gourmet Pantry was conceived out of a necessity when multi-ethnic groceries were not available. Since then, square footage of the store, as well as the number of products we offer, has grown steadily.

Currently we offer over 2000 unique products to delight our customers. Since our inception, and in spite of our transformation throughout the years, the core of our business has remained the same – offering premium quality products that are difficult to find at affordable prices with a keen focus on service delivery and overall experience.

We specialize in spices, food, dairy, cheeses, olives and related groceries from the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian/Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) regions.

When you are in Kalamazoo, we hope you will give us a chance to serve you. You will love the selection of Halal (Halaal) meats including, but not limited to, various cuts of chicken, beef, goat, lamb and veal. We are told that we are exclusive in carrying goat meat within Southwest Michigan and have great cuts. We’ll let you decide.